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Magic Nail Polish Remover (15ml)

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(15ml YAYANG remover bottles)
Take the hard work and effort out of stripping back your gel nails with an easy-to-use 'magic' gel polish remover that handles it all for you.
It’s so simple to use that all you’ll have to do is apply it, sit back, and let your nails breathe...
Perfect when you want to put the fun back into DIY nail art. 
  • Gently removes a huge variety of different nail polish treatments
  • Specially formulated to protect the integrity of the nail’s outer surface
  • Perfect for use at home when you want to create a whole new style

Why Choose the BORN PRETTYxYAYANG 'Magic' Remover?

  • A revolutionary 'magic' remover that turns tradition on its head.
    • No polish seal is required.
    • No need to wrap your fingers.
  • Quickly remove nail polish, reduce filing, sanding and grinding needed for removal to make the process more painless to nail beds.
  • Gently applied, in 2-3 minutes it easily starts to push away gel nail polish.  Allowing you to quickly remove the nail polish and get straight on to creating new nail designs!
  • Easy to use and carry, so you can change your nail style anytime, anywhere.
  • A key time and money saver. Only takes a few minutes to remove the nail polish, at home.
  • Suitable for all nail types, suitable for removing polish from natural nails and artificial nails, and perfect for UV Soak-off Gel Polish, Glitter Polish, Nail Polish and so on.

Note: The gel nail polish remover can emit a moderate to strong smell once opened, non-irritating.

How to Use:

  1. Remove the top coat gently with a file, sanding off the top layer across the whole nail surface, cuticle to tip.
  2. Apply the 'magic' remover gel on the nail surface without touching the skin. You could repeat the application again if the nail polish is quite thick/heavily layered.
  3. Wait to see the nail polish begin to crack and 'burst' in 3-5 mins
  4. Peel away bits that come away easily
  5. Using a cotton pad and a steel pusher, remove the residual nail polish.
  6. Wash your hands and put some nail nutrition oil on to protect your nails.


  • The specific time to fall off the nails depends on the thickness of the nail coat(s) and the thickness of the gel remover.
  • If there is only one layer of colour coat, your gel should come off in 2-10 minutes. However, if there is more base coat than the colour layer and top coat, it may take 5-15 minutes to fall off.
  • Easy to remove nail polish, no nail damage!
  • The gel nail polish remover is expected with a bit of smell, non-irritating.
  • Keep it out of the reach of children.

  • Important tips on usage

    • Because the gel nail polishes can have different levels of hardness, thickness and layers applied - the degree of gel 'burst' and the time required will vary.
    • Isolate the remover to just the nail surfaces. Nail polish remover should not touch the skin. The solvents in the ingredients are highly absorbent of moisture within the surface of the skin.
      • Like with acetone and isopropyl alcohol, the magic remover can temporarily remove excessive amounts of surface oil which can cause the skin in contact with the liquid to appear “dried out” and lose moisture.
      • Avoid any prolonged contact and wipe spillages straight away. On prolonged contact, you may start to feel a warm and slight burning sensation, especially after 10 or more seconds of application. But it will not hurt after wiping with a tissue and will have a cool touch.
    • Please be sure to keep the skin around the nail bed clean, and wipe any overflows as they happen. 
    • Avoid use on surfaces that be damaged or painted and varnished surfaces, tables or floors. 

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