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4 Ways to UPGRADE Your Nail Game

4 Ways to UPGRADE Your Nail Game


Is it just us, or does this year seem to be flying by? If you’re feeling like we’ve been feeling lately, and have the desire to spice things up, then pay attention! Within this article, we will list a few ideas on how to upgrade your PolyGel Nails UK sets. Who says the salons get to have all the fun? You can create a new and bold look all by yourself in the comfort of your own home.
All you need? One of our PolyGel Nails UK kits, your fave nail art add-ons, and some creativity! Follow along, because we are going to let you in on some of our best-kept secrets!  


    1. Go Bold with Nail Art

    We love adding a touch of nail art to our PolyGel sets. There are so many ways you can dress up your nails! From art stamps, foil stickers and glitter top coats to even "Holographic" and "Chameleon" dipping powders - you can do it all!

Products CHAMELEON Nail Dipping Powder - Born Pretty - PolyGel Nails UK    Products CHAMELEON Nail Dipping Powder - Born Pretty - PolyGel Nails UK

Check out our 5pc Nail Art Brush set to design your own, from the simplest to the most intricate and delicate nail art.

As well as our “Hooked on Love” Nail Art Set to upgrade your nails in the right way. Remember, February isn’t the only month of love. You can wear this set at any time of the year… actually, we highly recommend that you do!

    2. Bling it Up with Jewels and Shimmers

    We don’t know about you but adding jewels or a beautiful shimmer to our nails makes us feel like royalty. Move over Kate Middleton, there’s a new duchess in town! If you’ve been thinking about it, we are here to tell you that, you definitely should. Adding some glittery, jewelled, shimmer and shine designs to your PolyGel nails is, in our opinion, the ultimate way to creating a to-die-for look.


Go bright and bold with the best-selling Femi Beauty x Makartt PolyGel Kit, or bring out your inner ocean nymph with the "Mermaid Glitter" 3 Colour PolyGel Set

To jump on a new trend, pop the "Jelly Glitter" 4-Colour PolyGel 9pc Kit in your basket to get that subtler yet gorgeous, translucent glitter-inspired nail look.

 Makartt Jelly Glitter Kit - PolyGel Nails UK    Makartt Jelly Glitter Kit - PolyGel Nails UK

    3. Accent with Dried Flowers & Foil stickers

    Spring is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than adding some dried flowers to your manicure?

It screams freshness! Check out our “Boutique Dried Flowers” Collection to create a stunning floral look you’re bound to gain attention for. Trust us, this is one trend you won’t want to skip out on!

Or make use of our Nail Art Foil glue set to apply your most eye-catching floral foil stickers, transfers and pattern to your nail easily. The trick is to apply the glue with the built-in soft brush, cure under your lamp for 30-60 seconds. Then leave it for a few minutes before applying the foil - as it gets more tacky. Finish with a quality Top Coat for smooth long-lasting nail art.

Try the "Holiday Party Tricks" Nail Art Foil Decoration set, for a versatile, multi-theme place to start.


    4. Change it up!

    There are several ways you can add a twist on your go-to solid colour. Why not try an Ombre style? Or even a translucent look with our “Crystal Jelly” kit! This one is a huge hit, and also an easy way to try an Ombre design, layering the translucent shades on top of your PolyGel for a more subtle colour graduation. Well recommended!


What are we currently obsessing over, here at PolyGel Nails UK? Adding a hint of glitter to our PolyGel nails, and you can do this too! Check out our “Mermaid Glitter” Set, to add the perfect amount of sparkle to your fit. Or get glitter right into your nail set with our 30ml Born Pretty Glitter PolyGels, there are 6 individual colours to choose from, or pick a shade as part of an all-you-need 9 Piece PolyGel Kit.


If you’re someone who is looking to enhance your normal style, without straying too far from your norm, we want to remind you that you can successfully achieve so many simple, yet effective looks.

Try changing your favourite colour with a matte effect, you can accomplish this with a top coat of mattifying nail polish. Or even adding in a cute dipping powder design to just your ring fingers! You have the ability to go bold! 

Be fierce and wear your personality on your nails!

Creating a fun, unique look is a great way to express yourself, while adding a pop of colour to your style. Enjoy it! Be you! Don’t forget to tag us, and include #PGNUK or #PolyGelNailsUk in any upcoming looks you create and post on social media! We'd LOVE to see them.



    The little team @PolyGel Nails UK



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